"The Parochial Segments" (Maya Mercer) - Music for film and exhibition
Music and sound creation for the exhibition "The Parochial Segments" by photographer Maya Mercer, held at Club Silencio from 05 nov. to 14 dec. 2019.

Maya invited me to create the sonic universe that would accompany her photographic series. My collaboration resulted in three musical objects :

- Spatialized ambient soundscapes for the exhibition space
- A 30 minutes cinema surround (5.1) soundtrack illustrating the slideshow of the complete photographic series
- A live version of the soundtrack performed with actor Samuel Mercer

More info soon.

The Parochial Segments - Live in Göttingen © qumieroi
The Parochial Segments - Live version rehearsal w/ Samuel Mercer © Danièle Ridereau

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