2020 - ongoing
Generative Music
This page introduces my generative music projects.

Generative_3 Wave
Generative_3 Wave is a one hour soundscape blending generative music and lo-fi deep ambient textures. The home made algorithm conducts pianos and tape recordings to unfold layers of an imaginary ocean, from its icy surface to the abyss.

Generative_2 Vertical
Is there anything that might be lost ? A pair of pianos, older than anyone alive, are singing an endless Markov chain chord progression. The algorithm is not reproducing something it has learned, instead it is following its own path between predefined limits. But as it exhausts the finite possibilities, do we tell appart the machine’s decisions and the human design ?

Generative_1 Still
... is a deep ambient dive into the interaction between generative music and analog recordings. The musical data is algorithmically produced and performs on a old piano captured on tape.
The system, programmed in Pure Data, revolves around chord progressions. A sort of Markov chain is used to select which degree to play and how to build the chord. The notes of each chord are then spread in time with digital randomness. The musical result is a continuous melody with a color relative to the various weighting stages.

Generative dark ambient soundscapes in Pure Data. A mix of samples, field recordings and real-time synthesis and processing. The system slowly drifts between unique combinations of random parameters.

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