ISOTHESIS - cocoon of red light
Ghostly textures and whispers haunt the derelict world of ISOTHESIS’ first album. Places left to decay, machines still forging underneath humanless, deserted lands, chants of winds echoing through dark tunnels. This is the music of the « after », when all civilizations are gone, like the Erysichthons of Earth. All traces of worship reduced to sand, an irreversible ocean of dunes waiting to be swallowed by the dying star, becoming a red giant, that is ripping the sky apart.

Emerged from the ashes of Guillaume Tiger’s previous project, Eternal Dunes, ISOTHESIS builds on its after-humanity concept and explores textural performances to outline a symbolic universe.

The expanded digital version of « Cocoon of Red Light » contains the original album (Layers I-IIIII) and a remastered version of these tracks, bringing (so we believe) the sound and immersion qualities on par with the initial intentions. Additionaly, three previously unreleased tracks are added: a prelude to the album (Layer -I) and a closing sequence (Sand Waves), both recorded during the early « Cocoon of Red Light » sessions, and an extension to the Layer series (Layer VII).

All music by Guillaume Tiger 2005-2006 (tracks 1-12) and 2018 (track 13).

Tracks 1-5 originally released in 2007 by Beast of Prey (BOP 3.7).
Tracks 7-11 remastered 2021.
Tracks 6, 12 and 13 previously unreleased.

2021 mastering.

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