September 9th & 16th 2018
Musique expérimentale et sons néolithiques à l'archéosite
Workshop on experimental music and sounds from the Neolithic age, commisionned by L'Archéosite de la Haute-Île (Conseil départemental de la Seine-Saint-Denis).
Participants are invited to experiment with reconstructed sounds :
- mixing recordings to recompose soundscapes
- manipulating advanced processing tools to create unheard textures out of the reconstructed sounds
The sounds (harvest, milling, fire making, etc. and even musical instruments) were recorded in collaboration with the scientific team dedicated to reconstruction research.

More about the event :
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Archéosite de la Haute-Île. © Guillaume Tiger
A recording session. © Guillaume Tiger
Kids experimenting during the workshop. © Guillaume Tiger
Workshop setup. © Guillaume Tiger

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